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As I understand it, the high court has made a decision on law…it was a decision on law based on certain kinds of treaty obligations, which it seems to me very important to honor, because if the world is genuinely to be a community of nations only to the extent that it is serious about nation law…
Can I just make an anecdote? (Yes you may, it is your quote)…I was in the country, and I’d have discussions in the pub, and people would say things like ” Oh no, you can’t have these people jumping ques and we’ve got to protect our borders” etc. etc. And then I would say ” OK, but ummm do we have to keep children behind razor wires for 5 years?” What was really interesting is that they would say “Awwwyepbut”. “But no no, lets just stick to this point”. And after many buts and many shufflings, they would say “No, we don’t have to be so cruel”.

Raimond Gaita on the Refugee debate on QandA


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